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July 28, 2016
By Amy Matthews
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Hey there folks! I've been so quiet and I'm sure you enjoyed it, but I must warn you I'm almost caught up on work and will be back around here regularly soon ;) So here's a tip I wanted to share. It's not fancy nor professional, it's not great lighting, but if you're stuck shooting in the dark and mix it with off camera flash, this will allow you to focus. I'm all about small items with a good amount of power when adding to your bag of tricks. Most of us are already dragging around 30 pounds of stuff for 9 hours at weddings.....we just don't need anymore weight in our bags!

You can't beat it for the price! Just don't put it on top of your camera. Find the happiest guest with the most smiles to hold it for you. If you ask nicely, I promise they will be glad to help get a picture for the bride and groom! Head on over here to Amazon and check out this $30 gem, the Neewer LED video light. 
So this adorable swing at Vino Oasi is in the dark when it's dark outside. DURH. And it was pitch black out there with not even a street light to help a sister out. Just the cool string lights. You know.....almost as bad as middle of the day sunlight. But we've gotta roll with the punches and work around the hand we're dealt. When the party's still going and you can get the bride and groom to take another picture, you do it! 

The el cheapo light, plus nice guest holding it just above my head (maybe 5 foot 10 inches since I'm 5'7?)and pointed slightly downwards toward the couple. Add in Nikon sb-900 with 60" umbrella. Balancing flash at night is quite difficult. Remember our aperture controls flash and our shutter speed controls the ambient, fancy term for available non-flash light. So you're looking at around 1/10th of a second (shaky hands and blur territory, yikes!) in a situation like this. If you want to know more on that, I do offer advanced mentoring so contact me for info!

It's not gonna  put me in the PPA loan book, but I think Jamie and Josh will like it. And with the circumstances, I do too! I love getting couples who don't run for the hills when I say "no promises this will work but can we try it"....and they give me 3 minutes. I like a good challenge on all things technical in photography! Now when it comes to computers I don't like being challenged. Not my thing. Apparently the blog formatting has changed on me so my usually re-sizing technique is squashed. I swear this picture looks better at full resolution. It's annoying me, but I don't have time to learn the new features on the blog yet- you get the idea right? 

Now if anyone needs me I'll be at the computer until the apocalypse. You brides sure are keeping me busy this year! 





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