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October 10, 2016
By Amy Matthews
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Hey guys! We posted a while back on facebook, contacted customers, sent out emails, etc... but I wanted to be sure it was posted here too in case anyone missed it or I somehow forgot to contact someone. I will be out of the office from October 12- around October 25th. We have out of town jobs and I've got a minor medical procedure. Let me just go ahead and confess and get it over with. Yes, I've been running around all year shooting weddings with a collapsed disc and other disc and nerve issues in my lower back. It's been going on for about 3 years, but in the beginning I was under the impression that it was just a few bone spurs and sciatica. With all the restrictions and hoops you have to jump through with health insurance these days, it took lots of physical therapy, alternative treatments, and much time to get into orthopedics (not their fault, Triangle Ortho is amazing!) and receive approval for MRI.  I'm not sure how but I survived 26 hours of childbirth so I suppose the discs are a drop in the bucket in comparison! Recovery from running steps, sweating like a hooker in church, being on your feet up to 10 hours, squatting, climbing,  and carrying all of that heavy equipment takes about 2 days. The real issues arise when I have to sit at the computer for 10 hours a day. In my experience that's worse than a wedding day on your back. However, it could be a lot worse and I'm finally having treatment for it. Can't put it off any longer. As the old timers I so respect and love warn us whippersnappers of, either the rotator cuff or back will catch up to you at one point or another. It's a job hazard that many wedding photographers run into. 

Instead of having 2+ weeks of emails and messages on social media, I decided it best to just deactivate all social media during this time. Please feel free to use the business email  info@amymatthewsphotography.com or hit the "contact us" button and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for your patience, prayers, and thoughts of good will during this time. I'll be back around the 25th to answer any emails or questions you have.  If for some unforeseen reason it takes longer to get through the medical stuff, I'll have an assistant or my husband update you here. Everyone have a great weekend! 

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